Mulock Family Papers at the University of California at Los Angeles

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The Mulock Family Papers, held in the Charles E. Young Research Library at the University of California at Los Angeles, contain over 200 letters from Dinah Craik and her family members. More personal than most of the extant letters from Craik, this collection is especially valuable as it contains an almost complete correspondence with her brother, Benjamin Mulock, from the 1850s, the decade which was the most important to Craik's career. Benjamin Mulock worked abroad as a civil engineer in Australia, Brazil, and in the Crimea as part of the Army Works Corps, and his letters offer a fascinating window onto the experience of young men in the British empire in the Victorian era. The collection also contains letters from her father, Thomas Mulock, many of which were written from the Staffordshire debtor's prison where he was an inmate, and to Dinah's daughter, Dorothy. This collection currently contains Dinah Craik's letters to Dorothy, as well as her correspondence with her paternal aunts.