Getting Started with the TAPAS Project

Below you will learn about the primary services and features we offer through the TAPAS project.

If you need more assistance or information than is offered here, please contact the TAPAS Team:, or visit our community forums.


TAPAS User Accounts

TAPAS user accounts are free to all. Accounts require a user name, password, and unique email address.

TAPAS accounts Sign up!


  • Unlimited longterm storage of your TEI data and associated support files (there may be limitations on image file type upload sizes and storage durations if exceed expected, regular usage)
  • Dashboard for managing your contributed TEI records
  • Access to community forums
  • Project space for publishing and publicizing your TEI projects (no limit on how many projects you create in TAPAS)
  • Custom collections for curating your TEI records in your projects
  • Collaborator access to your existing projects and collections (ideal for classroom settings)
  • Collaborator access to other TAPAS members' projects and collections
  • Support from the TAPAS team for managing your records and TAPAS account

Managing Project Members and Collaborators

Project admins can invite other TAPAS users to be contributing members of their projects (learn more about TAPAS projects below. Public projects also allow visitors to request membership access from the project's homepage.

Managing project members

Adding & Managing New Members
  1. Log into your TAPAS account
  2. Go to your project's homepage or a collection page (Note: members can be managed at both project and collection levels; one must be a member of a project first, then collection level settings can be edited)
  3. Select the "Group" tab at top of your project or collection
  4. From here you can add members and manage their privileges

Viewing Existing Members

  1. Log into your TAPAS account
  2. Go to your project's homepage or a collection page
  3. Select the "Members" tab at top of your project or collection
  4. This will offer you a listing of all currently associated contributors to your project or collection


TEI Records

TAPAS Records are the content type associated with ingested TEI files in TAPAS. Records are always associated with a TAPAS user account. They can be independently uploaded items or added to the record creator's existing project collections.

All TAPAS records (aside from those stored in public TAPAS collections with the label "Test") will be preserved in the TAPAS collection long term, and will not be removed without the managing author's consent.

Records can be of primary TEI files as well as of support files (such as 'ographies). They also support custom thumbnails, descriptions, titles, and contributor metadata. TAPAS processes TEI header metadata at ingestion, displaying in the reading interface under "Metadata" tab.

"Creating a TAPAS Record" Browse all TAPAS Records

The Reading Interface

The aim of the TAPAS reading interface is to enable views that express both the markup practices of the contributing TEI encoder or project as well as common renderings of the TEI. TAPAS is in constant development of custom stylesheets that emphasize different aspects of TEI markup, particularly for classroom and workshop instruction settings. The reader includes a TAPAS Generic, TEI Boilerplate, and XML raw views as well.

"Using the TAPAS Reader"

TAPAS Projects

Users can associate their TEI records as part of public facing custom project pages, which support custom project titles, descriptions, external linking, logos, curated collections, and invited collaborators . Published TAPAS projects are showcased on the TAPAS Projects browse page, under "Discover." Projects might be used to publicize existing TEI projects, to test and develop future TEI projects, to engage with students and collaborators in classroom and workshops, and much more.

"Creating a TAPAS Project" Browse all TAPAS Projects


TAPAS Collections allow users to curate their TEI files according to desired topics or themes. There is no limit to the number of collections a project can house, and TEI files can be associated across collections (but not across projects). This is particularly useful for uploading support files* for you TEI records (e.g., personographies, placeographies, orgographies) (*note: all support files must be ingested prior to TEI records to enable proper association). Collaborators can request or be given access to your pre-existing collections, through which they can add new TEI records to your existing collections or create new custom collections under your project. (see Members above)

"Creating a TAPAS Collection" Browse all TAPAS Collections

Teaching with TAPAS

TAPAS offers some services and site features aimed at supporting teachers and students of the TEI in the classroom, including support for setup and troubleshooting, and templates and sample files to make it easy to get started. Contact us for help or read more...