A Knowledge Space for Getting Started with the TEI in TAPAS

Welcome to the TAPAS Learn page! Here you will find resources and guides on common TEI components and document genres with overviews of how TAPAS handles your TEI data in these contexts. Links to templates modeling these scenarios and all referenced sources can be found under each page's "Resources" tab. See how TAPAS handles your data in particular encoding scenarios under each guide's "TAPAS Handling" tab.

Note: TAPAS guides and templates cannot address all users' needs as they develop their TEI files. We highly recommend that all practitioners bookmark and make regular use of the TEI-C Guidlines. The Guidelines are an invaluable resource for learning about both lower and higher level aspects of TEI markup. You can, and should, engage the TEI community directly with your question through both the TAPAS forums and the TEI-C list. Our aim is to distill the wealth of information contained within the Guidelines and offered by other resources to reduce the threshold by which newer practitioners might make sense and use of the TEI in TAPAS.

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**all Learn TEI files are accessible through the TAPAS Commons project space