Japanese Creation Myth and Naruto: The Series

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In this collection, you'll find out how Naruto: The Anime Series uses references from the Japanese Creation Myth in certain jutsus and how the jutsus relate back to the myth. I've always enjoyed watching Naruto as a kid growing up and even now as more episodes release. So, curiously, I wanted to know the meanings behind the jutsus and found out that it's in reference to the Japanese myth culture. What really made me pick this as my topic was that Naruto was always fascinating to me ever since my cousin introduced me to the series. Ever since, I've been attached to Naruto and watch it non stop on my free time, so picking this topic was a no-brainer for me. So, if you're interested in finding out more about the meanings behind Naruto's jutsus, you found the right place as I will explain to you, the audience interested in Naruto, how the jutsus tie into the myth.
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