Jaufré Rudel: 'Amor de lonh'

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For our TEI digital humanities project, we chose to interpret and encode a poem by troubadour Jaufres Rudel. The poem features the first exploration in troubadour canon of amor de lonh, or love from afar. We analyzed the original Occitan manuscript, available through the Gallica archive of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, in comparison to a transcription of the text to most accurately analyze and document the poem. In addition to nothing the poem’s theme of love and complementary motifs, we paid careful attention to the rhyme and line breaks of the poem, which are shown differently on our TEI than they are represented in the original manuscript. We also added the stylistic textual elements of the manuscript to our encryption, particularly the illuminations of the first letters of each stanza, or cobla in Occitan. Our manuscript is produced using XML and CSS, written with mark-up language editor Oxygen.