Image Display Issues

Images within Text We have images within the text that are tagged as . The image that we tag is also uploaded as an auxiliary file. In the tapas generic view the images only show a broken image link. Images within Notes On a different collection than the one we are working on now (the collection is called Three Princess Stories I tried to have images display by clicking on a word surrounded by the persName tag. There is a support file (personography--showing up as another record in this project marked as a “support file”--but not in the list of auxiliary files) where the images were displaying (in May 2016), but when the persName tag was used in the actual XML document the images were not shown in the left-pane pop up of the note (in May 2016). Currently, none of the images display. Page images We have been tagging page images within the page break tag as a facsimile (ie. ). These images are not displaying and give a broken image link. Page images had been previously working within this project: The page images were displaying up until at least December of 2016 if that helps. What would be the best way for us to encode images so that they will display in TAPAS? We could envision a role for images within ography data and notes (accessible via superscript numbers and hyperlinked words respectively, but both displaying in pop-up notes). We can also see many uses for pointing to image files through a tag within the primary display and, of course, as page images included within the
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We were experiencing an issue w/ displaying images in TAPAS. We have sorted out the problem and your files should be properly displaying your image files.

Re: image files in -Ographies, you can add images with <figure> and these will display. We do not yet support the display of image files via the popup however. I will update this thread as soon as I hear back about when / whether we plan to do so.

We have a resource on how TAPAS handles image files in reader here:

I will update the handling of Ography resource file to reflect image handling as well: