Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market and Other Poems (1862): A Digital Scholarly Edition

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The goal of this project is to produce an open-access, interactive digital edition of Goblin Market and Other Poems that leverages digital technologies to allow its users to explore the complex links between the poems in the collection and between the collection and its cultural context. My purpose in building this project is to highlight Rossetti’s deliberate artistry in crafting the volume; to shed light on both the individual poems in the collection and on the new meanings that emerge when the collection is studied as a coherent whole; to push back on criticism of “Goblin Market” that ignores its context; to illustrate the degree to which Rossetti was influenced by older traditions of literature and book-making, including the Renaissance tradition of emblem-books; and to mobilize this knowledge by involving students in its production and by making it freely available to other scholars and the interested public.
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