Getting Started with the TAPAS Project

Below you will learn about the primary services and features we offer through the TAPAS project.

If you need more assistance or information than is offered here, please contact the TAPAS Team:, or visit our community forums.

Get a TAPAS Account

TAPAS user accounts are free and require a user name, password, and unique email address. All accounts are approved by a TAPAS administrator before they can be used. Sign up for an account to gain the following benefits:

  • Unlimited long term storage of your TEI data and associated support files
  • Project space for publishing and publicizing your TEI projects
  • Collaborator access to your existing projects and collections (ideal for classroom settings)
  • Collaborator access to other TAPAS members' projects and collections
  • Support from the TAPAS team
  • Access to the community forums

Please note: TAPAS receives a high volume of spam account requests. We try to process actual requests promptly, but it will help us a great deal if you can include a brief profile that makes clear you are a human who uses TEI.

Upload and Publish TEI Files

Once your TAPAS account has been approved, you can immediately upload TEI files into the TAPAS shared collection where they will be publicly visible through the TAPAS reading interface. This is a good option if you just have a single file to contribute and don’t want to create a full TAPAS project. The reading interface includes multiple viewing options that take advantage of different types of encoding and different display possibilities.

Each TEI file you upload is treated as a distinct TAPAS “record”, which includes both the TEI file itself and some accompanying metadata that supports discovery and file management. TAPAS records may also include associated images and auxiliary files (such as ‘ographies). All TAPAS records (aside from those stored in public TAPAS collections with the label "Test") will be preserved in the TAPAS collection long term, and will not be removed without the managing author's consent.

Once your TEI files have been uploaded to TAPAS, you can choose to make them publicly visible (the default) or keep them private. Publicly visible files can be discovered through the TAPAS browse and search interfaces, and can be read through the reading interface, which offers a growing set of different viewing options that highlight different aspects of the markup.

Create projects and collections

If you’re planning to use TAPAS to create a digital project, you’ll want to create a TAPAS “project” to organize your TEI records. Each TAPAS project contains one or more “collections”, which contain records that you want to group together (for instance, materials by a single author, or in a specific genre). A TAPAS project also has a public-facing description and a set of associated users who can contribute to the project by uploading TEI files. Published TAPAS projects are discoverable on the TAPAS Projects browse page, under "Discover." Learn more

Project managers can invite other TAPAS users to be contributors. Public projects also allow visitors to request membership access from the project's homepage.

Teach with TAPAS

A TAPAS project can be a useful space for students to experiment with TEI publication and see the results of encoding experimentation. For brief experimentation, we encourage teachers to use the TAPAS Teaching Project, where your course can have its own collection but you don’t need to set up a separate project of your own. If you’re using TAPAS repeatedly for your courses, you may prefer to set up a project where student work can gather over time.

TAPAS offers some services and site features aimed at supporting teachers and students of the TEI in the classroom, including support for setup and troubleshooting, and templates and sample files to make it easy to get started. Contact us for help or read more...