Thank You, TEI Conference 2014!

The TAPAS project has just wrapped-up its inaugural TAPAS workshop at the TEI 2014 conference at Northwestern University. We are very pleased with the turn-out for the event, and grateful for the enthusiastic response and feedback we received from the broader TEI community across the conference and from the participants during the workshop. It was a pleasure for all on the TAPAS team to have the opportunity to introduce TAPAS to such a supportive and critically engaged community of TEIrs!

We would like to take this time to acknowledge and thank all who helped make it such a success! A special thanks to the TEI conference committee members for their time and attention in organizing such a wonderful conference and workshop series. Martin Mueller (Professor emeritus of English and Classics | Northwestern University) and Clair Stewart (Head, Digital Collections and Scholarly Communication Services Northwestern University Library) did a wonderful job setting up our workshop location and providing our attendees access to the library. And we were honored to have Paul O’Shea (Digital Humanities PhD Researcher | University College Cork) take time out of his busy schedule as the head of TEIConf2014 social media to attend and live tweet the TAPAS workshop.

We want to thank especially our workshop participants. Their lively engagement and expert feedback throughout the workshop has been invaluable to our team as we continue to develop the TAPAS project to meet the particular needs of a TEI | TAPAS user community. We are already in the process of implementing their suggestions on interface design & functionality, user support services, and community engagement — Stay tuned to these and other developments by following us @tapas_project.

Future TAPAS Workshops

The TAPAS project will continue to offer introductory and advanced workshops on TAPAS to its user community and the general public. If you are interested in participating in a future TAPAS workshop, or in hosting one at your institution for your TEI community, please visit our TAPAS Workshops info page for details on workshop formats, scheduling, and pricing.