TAPAS Invites Early Adopters to the Project in Preparation for Public Launch (Fall 2014)

We are thrilled to announce that, in preparation for the much awaited public launch of TAPAS (Fall 2014), we have invited TEI project teams to begin using our TEI repository, transformation, and publication services. We would like to welcome this group to the TAPAS community and thank them for contributing to the project! We are very excited by the projects this community of early adopters is developing in TAPAS, projects coming from both North America and Europe. Over the coming months, we will be showcasing each of their projects to highlight the important contributions they are making in their respective fields as well as how future users can make use of the TAPAS services in their own TEI project development. Keep a look-out for these project highlights via the TAPAS project news page (http://www.tapasproject.org/news) and our twitter account (@tapas_project). Call to Participate We are still looking to invite more TEI projects during this pre-launch phase. We also hope to expand our user community to include more projects and teams working outside the U.S. If you are currently developing a TEI project and would like to participate now during the early adopter phase, please contact us (tei.publishing@gmail.com) with the subject heading “Early Adopter.” Please include in your email a brief description of your project as well as any questions or information about the kinds of services and support you hope TAPAS can provide. For more information on the TAPAS service, please visit http://www.tapasproject.org/about.