New NEH Award for TAPAS

We are delighted to announce that TAPAS has received a new three-year award from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support the development of the TAPAS repository. This $300,000 Preservation and Access grant will enable TAPAS to develop a repository architecture for TAPAS that can serve as a long-term storage mechanism, interact seamlessly with the user interface layer of TAPAS, and provide a basis for complex XML-aware operations such as data analysis and visualization. Under this grant we will build a data storage back end for TAPAS that includes both a Fedora repository (using the Hydra framework) and an XML database, closely integrated with the TAPAS user interface front end so that long-term repository storage, XML publication options, and enhanced searching are a seamless part of the TAPAS interface. We are now recruiting two new positions to work on this project: an XML applications developer and a web applications developer. These positions are located in the Digital Scholarship Group in the Northeastern University Library and are part of a developer cluster hire that will bring in three new positions to work on the library’s digital repository service and digital scholarly projects. For more information and to apply, please visit and search for jobs within the division of the Library. This new award dovetails with the completion of our current IMLS and NEH awards, which have funded the initial development of the TAPAS service, and with the formal launch of the TAPAS service in summer 2014. Stay tuned for more information about the launch, coming very soon!