Linking and pointing

At the moment does the TAPAS Generic stylesheet respond to ref elements with @target attributes pointing to @xml:ids (in the current document or others), if, for example, we've got a mini-prosopography or series of editorial notes in the element? On that note Is a web URL as a @target value the best way to connect documents, or is there a way to navigate (what I imagine in a single directory) with relative paths, as in ? With thanks for your help, Connie
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Hi Connie! The short answer is “yes”, TEI Generic does process ref/@target (or ptr/@target). It's a bit difficult to copy XML code into this environment nicely (heck, I can’t even get paragraphs), so if you want to see the template that does the work you can find it in the current source on lines 333 to 379. But I’m afraid I can’t really say whether relative URLs (e.g. "../data/file.xml#duck") or absolute URLs (e.g., "") are “better” to use. My instinct is that I wish I could recommend relative URLs over absolute URLs within TAPAS (as I generally prefer them when I’m not in TAPAS), but in fact they are a bit more fragile. TAPAS has to “flatten” the relative URLs, as it only gets your files, not your hierarchy. And right now (I’m doing an XSLT workshop) I can’t even test it.