Left Pane Issues

Left-pane outline extending into footer of website. Is there a particular encoding change that would eliminate the outline view? It seems like if we were to remove @type from each , that data would no longer appear in the outline, but it seems like the transformation then draws on the first words of text within the div. If there’s no way to avoid this, we are thinking we can cut back on the number of divs to make the outline less cluttered? (I had a screenshot to show you of this happening, but it won't let me attach it. Here is the link to where it is happening. If you scroll all the way down on the page you will see what we mean. http://tapasproject.org/digital-editing-projects-sprin/files/tian-beta-1 )
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I believe you are referring to the Table of Contents, which is automatically generated by TAPAS system on divs in file. We will be implementing a smarter setup for this feature, which will at the very least allow the user to this feature on and off.

This will be included in the next theme release which is coming very soon.