collection_dids references collections that do not exist

re: Michael H. Leary Letters at ||| Right now the collection consists of a letter plus a personography and a placeography. ||| I'm getting the subject message when trying to look at the three files. ||| I don't know what this means. Could it be connected to the recent resources don't exist issue and/or the paths to the -ographies? ||| My colleague found the following in an example file: ================= Here we use a similar setup, but as we are linking to data outside the primary file, we need to include the full path to the reference file: We identify the project (/tapas-commons) within which both files live, and include full path to -Ography file (/files/tapas-personography) followed by the referenced entry (#pers_jane_doe): TRY IT: Click Jane Doe to learn more about her. ================= Silly question, but if the files live in a collection in the project, you need that in the path, right? (I've actually tried a bunch of variations both with and without and have had no luck.) Any thoughts? Thanks!