TAPAS development meeting, December 2012

The TAPAS development group met for a third face-to-face meeting at Wheaton College on December 5-7, 2012. The goal of the meeting was to plan the next stages of interface development, leading up to a working prototype that we plan to open up for beta-testing in early spring 2013. Prior to this event, everyone had had the chance to review an early working version of the TAPAS TEI publication software. During our three days of discussion we examined the entire TAPAS workflow from a user perspective and developed a prioritized list of features for inclusion in the prototype, and also in the project launch at the beginning of 2014. The prototype will include the essential features of the TAPAS service. For TAPAS contributors, this includes the ability to create projects and collections, and the ability to upload TEI data and display it via the TAPAS publication interface. TAPAS readers will be able to browse and read texts published in TAPAS, and also to browse TAPAS projects and collections. In late March 2013 we will be asking beta-testers to work with the prototype to test out features like:
  • creating TAPAS user accounts
  • setting up TAPAS projects and collections
  • uploading TEI data to a TAPAS collection
  • adding and editing metadata
  • doing simple configuration of TAPAS publications
  • browsing TAPAS collections
If you'd like to be involved in the beta-testing, please sign up at: http://bit.ly/ufjOFO Happy holidays to all from the TAPAS team!